Neil Young - Ambulance Blues tab version 3

Ambulance Blues
On the Beach
Neil Young
The other tabs on this website were all basically right,
but none of them seemed to have the intro/verse tabbed
properly. The strumming pattern is D D U D U D U, and
once you have that the rest is easy. This tab is by no
means complete but at the basic pattern is accurate.

Tuning DGCFGD - All chords relative to the tuning

C   -32010
F   --3211
Am  -02210
Em7 022010
D   --0232
G   320003
Bm  -24432

D D U D U D U D D U D U D U F--------3---1---1--------1---0---0-----------------|--------1---1---1--------1---0---0-----------------|-0h2------2---2-------2----2---2-------------------|(3)--3----3---3-----3------3---3-------------------|---------------------------------------------------|---------------------------------------------------|
Am Em7
Struming pattern changes a lot but is easy to figure out if you play along to the record. G Oh, Isabela, proud Isabela, Am They tore you down and Plowed you under. Bm C You're only real With your make-up on G How could I see you D And stay too long?
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