Neil Young – Powderfinger chords

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Powderfinger  chords rare acoustic version 
Neil Young  1975 (This version is from the unreleased Chrome Dreams Album and the 
unreleased single; please note this is in the key of E, not G as in the live 
versions and Rust Never Sleeps)

E *

E Look out, Mama,
Athere's a white boat
E A/Ecomin' up the river
AWith a big red beacon,
and a flag,
E A/Eand a man on the rail
AI think you'd better call John,
C#m'Cause it don't
look like they're here
E Ato deliver, the mail
G#m AAnd it's less than a mile away
G#m AI hope they didn't come to stay
G#mIt's got numbers on the side
C#mand a gun
EAnd it's makin' big waves.
EDaddy's gone,
Amy brother's out hunting
E A/Ein the mountains
ABig John's been drinking
E A/Esince the river took Emmy-Lou
ASo the powers that be
C#mleft me here
Eto do the thinkin'
G#m AAnd I just turned twenty-two
G#m AI was wonderin' what to do
G#mAnd the closer they got,
C#m EThe more those feelings grew.
E ADaddy's rifle in my hand
E A/Efelt reassurin'
He said,
ARed means run, son,
E A/Enumbers add up to nothin'
ABut when the first shot
C#m Ehit the docks I saw it comin'
G#m ARaised my rifle to my eye
G#m ANever stopped to wonder why.
G#mThen I saw black,
C#m EAnd my face splashed in the sky.
E AShelter me from the powder
E A/Eand the finger
ACover me with the thought
E A/Ethat pulled the trigger
AThink of me
C#m Eas one you'd never figured
G#m AWould fade away so young
G#m AWith so much left undone
G#m C#mRemember me to my love,
EI know I'll miss her.
E A/E * Alternate: Capo II A = G E = D C#m = Bm G#m = F#m Set8
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