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Date: Wed, 21 Jun 1995 10:57:32 EDT

No One Seems To Know   by NEIL YOUNG

I figured out the chords to No One Seems To Know for guitar. F is not the
original key, but it's easiest to play on guitar. Use a capo to fit.
"X" refers to a chord I figured out, but couldn't find a name to.
Any suggestions welcome.


F      Em           X
Once I was in love

                  B7      E
now it seems that time is better spent

    Am               F
in searching than in finding

    X              C       F
and noone seems to know

         Em           X
so don't say you lose

               B7         E
don't say you lose, don't say you win

    Am              F
and noone else will know

      X         C        G
noone else will know

                                         C                  G
when you're down, you gather strength to leave the ground

when you're high, it makes you weak and you fall back down.

B7 e|-----|---x-|-----| B|-----|-----|-----| G|-----|---x-|-----| D|-x---|-----|-----| A|-----|---x-|-----| E|-----|-----|-----|
"X" |-----|---x-|-----| |---x-|-----|-----| |-----|---x-|-----| |---x-|-----|-----| |-----|-----|-----| |-----|-----|-----|
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