Neil Young – Pocahontas tab

Neil Young - Pocahontas

Don't bother messing around with your tuning!!

**CAPO on the 3rd fret**

A  Asus2  A  Asus  A

Aurora borealis
The icy sky at night
Paddles cut the water
In a long and hurried flight
         E         G
From the white man
       D         A
to the fields of green
        E        G
And the homeland
      D     A
we've never seen.

G D Ae|------------------------------| After 'from the white man...'b|-------------------0h3--------| play this riff when going fromg|--------------0----0h2-----2--| E-G-D-A. Remember to pick and strum.d|---------------------------2--| Repeat on next line and next verses.a|---------0h2------------------|e|-0-2-3------------------------|
A They killed us in our teepees A And they cut our women down Bm They might have left some babies A Cryin' on the ground E G But the firesticks D A and the wagons come E G And the night falls D A on the setting sun. A They massacred the buffalo A Kitty corner from the bank Bm The taxis run across my feet A And my eyes have turned to blanks E G In my little box D A at the top of the stairs E G With my Indian rug D A and a pipe to share. A Asus2 A Asus A Asus2 A Asus A Bm A E G D A A I wish a was a trapper A I would give thousand pelts Bm To sleep with Pocahontas A And find out how she felt E G In the morning D A on the fields of green E G In the homeland D A we've never seen. A And maybe Marlon Brando A Will be there by the fire Bm We'll sit and talk of Hollywood A And the good things there for hire E G And the Astrodome D A and the first teepee E G Marlon Brando, D A Pocahontas and me E G Marlon Brando, D A Pocahontas and me E G D A Pocahontas.
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