Neil Young – Campaigner tab

Chords D D/G Bm G F#m Bm/A A Dsus2 Dsus4|--2---2---2---3---2---2----0--|-0----3---||--3---3---3---0---2---3----2--|-3----3---||--2---2---4---0---2---4----2--|-2----2---||--0-------4---0---4---4----2--|-0----0---||----------2---2---4---0----0--|----------||------3-------3---2-----------|----------|
Intro - Hammer on and pull off on the e string of the D chord, changing in between D, Dsus2 and Dsus4. Listen to song for perfect timings. D D/G i am a lonely visitor, came to late to cause a stir D Bm G though i campaigned all my life towards that goal G F#m Bm i hardly slept the night you wept, our secrets safe Bm/A and still well-kept A Bm where even richard nixon has got soul G A even richard nixon has got soul... Bass Riff chords played a few times each, listen to song for timings.
Bm G Bm E|----------2------3-----------2-------0-||----------3------0-----------3-------0-||----------4------0-----------4-------1-||------0---4------0-------0---4-------2-||--0h2---2-2--0---2---0h2---2-2--0----2-||---------------3-3----------------0--0-|
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