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>Subject: CRD: Hawks and Doves (Album) - Neil Young

I'm proud to a union man
                      C           G
I make those meetings when I can, yeah
I pay my dues ahead of time
                           C                 G
When the benefits come I'm last in line, yeah
I'm proud to be a union man

G                      F
Every fourth Friday at 10 am
                         C         G
There's a meeting of the A F of M. yeah

- Chairman -
"This meeting will now come to order
Is there any new business?"
- Member  -
"Yeah, I think 'Live music are better'
Bumper stickers should be issued"
- Chairman -
"What was that?"
- Member -
"'Live music is better' bumper stickers
Should be issued"
- Chairman -
"The gentleman says
'Live music is better' bumper stickers
Should be issued
All in favour of what he said
Signify by sayin' 'aye'"

- Members -
- Chairman -
"If, however, you are opposed
           C            (tacet, just bass note)
Signify by saying 'no'"
    G             F          G   F   G
I'm proud to be a union man.
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