Neil Young – Sensa Una Donna tab

SONG: "Sensa una donna"
ARTIST: Zucchero & Neil Young

   from: Davor Stojanovski (

I've heard this song a long time ago. I think that those chords are

NOTE: (There are question marks [?] where I don't know the

Play the chords moderate slow, string by string.


 Am             Am/G           D         G    C         G*
 This ain't the way I spent my mornings baby, come stai
 Am               Am/G             D          G    C           G*
 You've been with him and you have come back lady, con chi stai
 Am                Em7
 I just stay here, and watch the ocean
 C                 G
 Am             Em7
 You can laugh, you're forgiven
 C                           F
 and I'm no longer frighten, to believen'


           C    G/B        F            G
 Sensa una donna,  no more pain no more surrow
           C    G/B        F             G
 Sensa una donna,  given' me torture and blessin'
           C    G/B        F                     G
 Sensa una donna, better than this, torture and blessin'

I'm not sure if the CHORUS' lyrics are pretty correct.
The other part of the song is played same.

 The chords:

 Am:   x02210
 Am/G: 302210
 D:    xx0232
 G:    320033
 C:    x32010
 Em7:  022030
 F:    xx3211
 G/B:  x20030

G* is played like this: E|------------------| B|------------------| G|------------------| D|------------------| A|------------------| E|-----3-3-3/4------|
//////DAVOR/////// ////STOJANOVSKI///
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