Neil Young – Buffalo Springfield Again tab

by Neil Young

Transcribed by Poda(

Chords used in this song. Notice the weird shape of the 'C'. 

C    G    D    Em

3    3    2    0
1    0    3    0
0    0    2    0
2    0    0    2
3    2    0    2
x    3    x    0

G            C  	       G
Used to play in a rock 'n roll band,
G	       C
They broke up
G             C           G
We were young and we were wild
G	   C
It tore us up
D                                   G       C-G-C-G
Now I aint' gonna say who was right or wrong

Looking out on a big green lawn,
Girls and boys
Playing in the afternoon sun,
And life's a joy
I heard an old song playing on a radio

D       Em          C12
Buffalo Springfield again

Play Solo

Like to see those guys again
Give it a shot
Maybe now we can show the world
What we got
But I'd just like to play for the fun we had

Solo: E|--3-----------------3---------------3------------------------------------B|--0-----------------0--------3-5----0------------------------------------G|--0----2/4--2----0--0----2/4-----4--0---2/4--2---0--2/4--0-0--2/4--0--0--D|--0------------2----0---------------0----------2-------------------------A|--2-----------------2---------------2------------------------------------E|--3-----------------3---------------3------------------------------------
Note: Verse 2 and 3 are played with the same chords pattern as the first one. Watch the video (Neil Young Silver and Gold) to dump my Chord/tab solution.
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