Neil Young – Looking Forward tab

    G - 320003
Am(7) - x02*10 (alternate between x02210 & x02010)
 Gmaj - x2003x 
    C - x32010
 D/F# - 200232
  C/E - 032010
G             Am(7)      Gmaj       C            G             
D/F#         C/E  
G                 Am               Gmaj         C    
Morning has come with the first rays of sun
             G               D/F#       C/E
Breaking through our window - pane
G                 Am                Gmaj      C    
Songs fill the air but there's no singer there
           G               D/F#   C/E              
Just an old wooden guitar playing
G            Am  Gmaj              C              
Writing a song won't take very long
          G       D/F#              C/E                                   
Trying not to use the world "old"
G           Am             Gmaj            C
Thinking about taking chances and doubts
             G      D/F#   C/E         
That still linger in the cold
(Repeat Intro 1x)
C          G          D/F#            Am   (walk up A, B...)
Looking forward, all that I can see
C                   G                 D/F#         Am  (walk up A, B...)
Is good things happening to you and to me
C        G         D/F#           Am            
I'm not waiting for times to change
G            Am         Gmaj           C
I'm gonna live like a free-roaming soul
          G            D/F#   C/E
On the highway of our   love
(Intro 1x)
(Repeat Chorus and Verse 1x)
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