Neil Young - No Wonder tab

Hey guys, I saw another tab of this and it looked wrong, so I decided to put the correct 
up. I am also working on making a Guitar Pro of this song... just gone take a little 
But I'll get it up as soon as possible.

Song: No Wonder
Album: Prairie Wind
Artist: Neil Young
Tabbed by: Tim Mannion

Tuning: (Double dropped D) DADGbd

Intro and verses: (main riff)d |-0-----------|-0-------|-0-|-0-0-----------|(0)------|b |-3-----------|-1-------|-1-|-1-1-----------|(3)------|G |-2-----0-0h2-|-2-2-0---|-0-|-0-0-0h2-0-----|(2)------|D |-0-0-3-------|-3-----3-|-2-|-2-2-------3-2-|-0-----0-| x3 (once for introA |-0-----------|-3-------|-3-|-0-0-----------|-0-0h3---| twice forD |-0-----------|-0-------|---|---------------|-0-------| verse)
Pre-Chorus (chords)d |-0-|-0-|-0-|(0)------|b |-2-|-1-|-1-|(3)------|G |-3-|-0-|-2-|(2)------|D |-0-|-2-|-2-|-0-----0-| x2A |-0-|-3-|-0-|-0-0h3---|D |-0-|---|---|-0-------|
Chorusd |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-0-0-|(0)------|b |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-1-1-|(3)------|G |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-2-0-|(2)------|D |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-3-2-|-0-----0-|A |---------|-----------|-3-3-|-0-0h3---|D |---0---0-|---0---0---|-0-0-|-0-------|
d |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-0-|-0-|-0-|-0-|b |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-1-|-1-|-3-|-6-|G |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-2-|-0-|-0-|-7-|D |-5---7---|-3---5---7-|-3-|-2-|-0-|-0-|A |---------|-----------|-3-|-3-|-5-|-8-|D |---0---0-|---0---0---|-0-|-0-|-5-|-8-|
Interlude (done on D chord [000230] with random hammer-ons on the D and A string) Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus Interlude
Solod |-------------------|----------------|b |-------------------|----------------|G |-------------------|----------------|D |-10h12-12-10h12-12-|-10h12-12-5-3-0-| x2A |-10h12-12-10h12-12-|-10h12-12-5-3-0-|D |-10h12-12-10h12-12-|-10h12-12-5-3-0-|
Verse Pre-Chorus Chorus End playing verse chords over solo **************************************************************************** This is my first tab like this. Comments are welcome. Thanks.
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