Neil Young - Differently tab

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Chords: Em Am G D C e|--7----5----------5----8--| B|--8----5----12----7----8--| G|--9----5----12----7----9--| D|--9----7----12----7---10--| A|--7----7----10----5---10--| E|--0----5---------------8--|
e|----------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------|G|---7-9-11-9-7---------------------------|D|-9------------9-7-9---5-7-9-7-5---------| x2A|--------------------7-----------7-5-7---|E|----------------------------------------|
Verse: Em Wish you told me by and by, Am That my life would come to this, Em That I'd have to find a way Am To let things go, Em That my friends would turn to foes, Am And my love would come to blows, Em Then I would have done some things Am Differently. Chorus: G Differently C I would ask you out every night G Differently C And I would make you feel so good. G Differently C And appreciate the things that you bring to me, babe G Differently C Oh yes I would, oh yeah. Verse: Yeah I know you tried and tried But your signal I just missed When you said my little girl would soon be gone. Yes I didn't hear you then And it might be too late now That's another thing I'd do Differently. Chorus: Differently Like trying to make you feel loved every day Differently And saying little things to let you know how I feel Differently Yes I can hear your young voice calling me babe Differently Refrain: Em When I'm away I call you up D And you don't seem to miss me as much C G D But I know our love is still there in your heart D Just differently. Intro x1
Intro x1
Chorus: Differently Oh yes, I can hear your young voice calling me, babe Differently Oh yes I can. Differently I'd appreciate the things that you bring to me babe, yes I would Differently Oh come on back to me babe bring your love back to me Differently Oh yeah I need your love, I need your love. Differently Yes I can tell you babe, I need your love. Differently Today is a brand new day, yes it is. Differently Got to get your love back, babe, come on now bring it back to me. Differently Turn it around babe, turn it around and bring it back. Differently Yeah, yeah, oh yeah, got to get your love back, come on babe. Differently Yeah I can hear your young voice calling me babe. Differently Come on back to me, come on back, yeah yeah, turn it around. Differently Oh yes I can, yes I can. Differently. Outro Solo:
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