Neko Case – Man chords

Thanks to Shawn Parrotte for spelling the whole thing out. Sounds pretty ok to me.

Capo 3


GI'm a man
EmThat's what you raised me to be
CI'm not an identity crisis
A7This was planned
I'm a man There's innocence in all mankind It's what kind of animal I am It's that simple, oh I'm a man And not just casually I pull the sparks fulltime The tree house cannot support me [Bridge}
GI'm not the runt of the litter
A7 EmThe fat fiends and bullies were no match for me
CSo taste them in my teeth
GI'm a man
B7 EmI'm a man's man
C GI've always been
B7 EmMake no mistake
C GI invest in
B7 EmA woman's heart
C GIt's the watermark
B7 Em C GOf which I measure everything
[Verse] I'm a man That's what you raised me to be I'm not your identity crisis This was planned I'm a man You'll have to deal with me My proxy is mine You'll deal with me directly [Chorus] And if I'm dipshit drunk on the pink perfume I am the man in the fucking moon 'Cause you didn't know what a man was Until I showed you
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