Nelly - Just A Dream chords version 2

play this with capo2/3, I play it with no capo:P

Ami was thinkin about her
iím thinkin about me
Fiím thinkin about us
where we gunna be
Copen my eyesÖ
Gand it was only just a dream
Amso i travel back down that road
Fwho you come back
no one knows
C Gand i realize, it was only just a dream
Am i was at the top
now its like iím in the basement
Fnumber 1 spot
now shes finding a replacement
Ci swear now i cant take it
Gknowing somebodyís got my baby
Amnow you aint around, baby i cant think
Fi should put it down, shoulda got that ring
Ccuz i can still feel it in the air
Gsee your pretty face
run my fingers through her hair
Ammy love
my life
Fmy shorty
my wife
Cshe left me, iím tight
Gcuz i knew that it just ainít right
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