Nelly - Just A Dream tab version 3

Acoustic friendly tab
First tab maker here, wasn't satisfied with the other tabs so here one is. 
This is pretty much the whole song, however theres another variation that gets played 
straight after this one and alternates through the song, but this alone will easily 
suffice. maybe if enough people are interested i'll figure out that part too. 

heres a video you can listen to get the timing right:

Capo on 2nd fret. the ~ means you let it ring for another beat

C#m Asus2E |------4--------4----------------0-----------------|B |---5~---5~-4h5---------------0-----0~-------------|G |--6--6-6--6-----6~--------2-----------------------|D |-6-------------------------22-22-22--22~----------|A |4----------------------0~-------------------------|E |--------------------------------------------------|
E B E |-----0--------------------------------------------|B |--0-----0--0-------------4-----4--4---------------|G |-------------1--------------4-------4-------------|D |---22-22-22---------------44-44-44----------------|A |-----------------------2~-------------------------|E |0~------------------------------------------------|
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