Nena – 99 Red Balloons chords

Capo on 2nd fret
I performed this song at my school's pop show and the second and last verse, I 
translated to spanish. At the bottom of this tab, I've done so just in case you 
want to make it interesting..

(Strum these chords once at a time:) (no intro)
1st Verse:

D EmYou and I in a little toy shop
G ABuy a bag of balloons with the money we got
D EmSet them free at the break of dawn
G ATill one by one, they were gone
D EmBack at base, bugs in the software
G AFlash the message: Something's out there...
D EmFloating in the summer sky
G A D Em G A 99 Red Balloons go by...
2nd Verse:
D Em99 Red Balloons
G AFloating in the summer sky
D EmPanicking, it's red alert
G AThere's something here from somewhere else
D EmWar machines spring to life
G AOpens up one eager eye
D EmFocusing it on the sky
G A D (hold)Where 99 Red Balloons go by...
(pick back up with 3rd Verse:)
D Em99 Decision street
G A99 ministers meet
D EmTo worry, worry; super scurry
G ACall the troops out in a hurry
D EmThis is what we've waited for
G AThis is it, boys, this is war
D EmThe president is on the line
G A D Em G AAs 99 Red Balloons go by...
4th Verse:
D Em99 knights of the air
G ARide super high-tech jet fighters
D EmEveryone's a super hero
G AEveryone's a Captain Kirk
D EmWith orders to identify
G ATo clarify and classify
D EmScramble in the summer sky
G A D EmAs 99 Red Balloons go by...
G A D Em G AAs 99 Red Balloons go by...
(Strum these last chords once at a time:) 5th Verse (last verse:)
D Em99 dreams I have had
G AIn each and every red balloon
D Em It's all over and I'm standing pretty
G AIn the dust that was a city
D EmIf i could find a souveneir
G AJust to prove the world was here
D EmAnd here is a red balloon
G A (pluck D string once) I think of you and let it go...
(Now for the 2nd and last verse spanglish translation:) 2nd Verse: 99 Globos De Air Flotando en cielo verano Panico, rojo alerta Algo aqui de algun donde else Guerra maquina vine vida Abre un ojo ansioso Centrado en el cielo Donde 99 Globos pasan 5th, Last Verse: 99 suenos yo habia En cada globo de aire It's all over and I'm standing pretty En el polvo que era una ciudad If I could find a souveneir Al probar el mundo fue aqui And here is a red balloon I think of you, and let it go... The reason why the spanish says "99 globos de AIR" is because in german, "luftbalons" means "air ballons" but in english, i kept it as "Red" because that's how the song is known. In spansih, not to many people would notice this change. It's kind of just for my own good. I hope you enjoyed and/or found this helpful (:
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