Neon Trees – Animal chords ver. 2

as soon as i heard this song i went seachin for a tab, but noticed there was no tab 
the intro. so i sat down and tried to figure it out.
heres what i got so far.

chords used on chorus based on capo
[ E   F#m   A  Am  ]


EOh, oh
I want some more
F#mOh, oh
AWhat are you waitin' for?
AmSay goodbye to my heart tonight.
EOh oh
I want some more
F#mOh oh
AWhat are we waitin' for?
AmWhat are we waitin' for?
Say goodbye to my heart tonight. this is just my acoustic version and all ive done right now before i go out lol. PLEASE any and all additions or corrections you guys have and ill adjust. Drew
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