Neon Trees – Electric Heart Stay Forever chords

Electric Heart (Stay Forever)
By: Neon Trees
Album: Frankenweenie Unleashed! (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

THIS SONG IS IN CAPO 1. Or the key of F, if you're feeling adventurous. 

EI used to feel so strange
A In my skin I was shaking
EI'd paint my room all black
AAnd cover up all the walls
E AIf you could rearrange what you saw in the mirror
EWell tell me
AWhat would you change about the person you saw?
EAnd honestly, honestly
AIf you just promise me, promise me...
E ATo stay forever
C#m ANever ever leave my side
C#m BIf the sun never rose again
AThe moon will light the way, my friend
E ASo stay forever
C#m AYou're my only friend tonight
C#m BAll we need is the shock of love
AIn the dark
EWe are electric hearts
[Verse 2] I use to feel so stuck In my head, I was breaking I keep my secrets close And never tell anyone If you can dream all day And coexist with living My baby... I'd dream of us and all the battles we've won [Chorus] [Bridge]
C#m G#m A Life is the risk you take
C#m G#m A Life is the love you make
C#m G#m B Love is the great escape
[Weird talking part] [Chorus]
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