Nerf Herder – Sportsman Bar tab

Artist: Nerd Herder
Song: Sportsman Bar
Album: My E.P.

Intro: (Done with open chords)
A   A                 E        A
There's a place on Figueroa Street,
       D        A     B  E
Where you can always gooooo
  A            E         A
Smiling faces you might meet,
 D         A
Whoa! All Hail,
       E       A
The Sportsman Bar
 D         A
Whoa! All Hail,
       E       A
The Sportsman Bar

(Rest of the song is power chords)

Verse 1:
The trophies on the mantel
      E5          A5
Are covered with dust,
           D5                 A5           G5 E5
And the pretzels are from nineteen eighty-twooooo.
     A5           E5
The soda from the bar
        A5        D5
Tastes just like rust,
         A5        E5
Nobody cares! All Hail
The Sportsman Bar
 D5        A5
Whoa! All Hail,
       E5      A5  (Hold)
The Sportsman Bar

Pre Chorus 1:
There's Mike Green,
He's fallen to his knees,
He's mumbling 'bout the
                        A5   E5
State Street rock and roooolllllll
They took away the booths,
      A5                  B5
But unless they take the roof
         D5                   E5
We will see you again here tomorrow!

E--------------------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------------------|G--------------------------------------------------|D--------------------------------------------------|A---0-0-2-4-2-0---7-7-7-9-7-0---9-7-5-7-0---4--2-0-|E--------------------------------------------------| D5 A5Whoa! All hail, E5 A5the sportsman bar!
Verse 2: Say a prayer for friends Who passed away, Say a prayer for the lurkers And the losers And to all you bastards That moved out of town, We'll see you at Thanksgiving At the Sportsman Bar Whoa! All Hail, The Sportsman Bar Pre Chorus 2: Ned's our man, With his Pabst Blue Ribbon can, Uh-oh, he's looking for a fight! He'll punch you in the face, But it's your kind of place So we'll see you again here tomorrow! A5 E5 A5 D5 Everybody's drunk! Everybody's drunk! x3 A5 E5 D5 A5 Whoa! All Hail, The Sportsman Bar (Final time do this) D5 E5 A5 Sports-man Baaaar!
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