Nerf Herder – Life On Mars tab

Nerf Herder - Life on Mars
Tabbed By: Daniel Taylor

Verse palm muted C5 B5 I've heard it said it said that outerspace A5 F5 is not the kind of place to raise your kids C5 G5 but after my life so far here on earth F5 G5 I sure wish my parents did C5 E I look up to the sky D5 C5 and I pray to the heavens C5 G5 C5 F5 won't someone come and take me away C5 G5 C5 F5 someone come and take me away C5 G5 C5 F to the stars, to the moon, just make it soon E5 G5 oh yeah C5 E5 D5 C5 beam me up, strap me down, probe my brain, cure my boredom There you go.
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