Nerf Herder – 5000 Ways To Die tab

Nerf Herder - 5000 Ways to Die
Tabbed By: Daniel Taylor

All chords are power chords

        D           A         B    G
and the bastard you hated the most
         D           A         B    G
will stand up and give you a toast
                     D           A         B              G
he'll say, "we were such good friends, especially near the end"
 D                        A    G    D       G         A
then he'll feel up your girlfriend in the front of your ghost

B                      G
so get in your car and drive real fast, 
D                               A
up in the attic the with a shotgun blast, 
B                  G
take a bath with a clock radio
D                  A
vodka and valium overdose
F#             G                   A
have you ever tried? there must be 5000 ways to die

Chords B G A D F#e-------------------------B-------------------------G--4------------7---------D--4---5---7----7----4----A--2---5---7----5----4----E------3---5---------2----
I haven't worked out the lead parts yet.
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