Nerina Pallot – Love Is An Unmade Bed chords

Left handed
Love is an unmade bed – Nerina Pallot

GGood times and bad times, the love that we shared
ANow you sleep on the sofa and I don’t care.
Am D GTime was I’d reach for your hand and you’d always be there.
So what can we do but divide up our books and our records and field all our friend’s funny looks? You take the tv, and I’ll take a bed or a chair
Gm EbI found an old photo from when we first met,
F BbWhen I still wore your clothes and we’d just stay in bed
Gm Eb Am D On Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays I’d skip work for you instead
Em A Am D GOh love is a rock not a straightjacket, love is an unmade bed x2
You and me, babe, we’re a vaudeville show, All jazz hands and kisses nobody would know We’re dying inside but always the life and the soul... Like brother and sister, none closer than we When you say you’re too tired I’m secretly relieved But I try to see you again, to see you like the first time And sometimes I glimpse us before we were us Before we had bills and before we had stuff Before we bought suitable wine for our meals And bought records instead Oh love is a rock not a straightjacket, love is an unmade bed x2 Do do do do do..... x2 mmmmm mmm mmm mmmmm......x2 I’ll see you again in a year maybe two At a wedding or birthday and you’ll have moved on And just for a moment I’ll choke And the moment is gone Just for a second I’ll question it, All nostalgic and trying to hide it, Then I’ll snuff out this thought And the moment, the issue decided
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