Nerina Pallot - Half Way Home tab

introguitar 1 (electric)e ---------------------|b ---9-9---7-7---------|g -10-8-8-4--6---------|d ---------------------|a ---------------------|e ---------------------|
you play the chords below behind the tab above guitar 2 (acoustic)
e ---4-2-----------------|b -4-4-2-----------------|g -6-5-3-----------------|play the last chord here till verse 1 startsd -6-6-4-----------------|a -4-6-4-----------------|e ---4-2-----------------|
verse1 guitar 2 (acoustic)
e -2-4-----|b -2-4-----|g -3-5-----|then play the 5 here then play a 6 hear in the same beatd -4-6-x4--|a -4-6-----|e -2-4-----|
but on verse 2, guitar 3 (electric)comes in and plays this half way till chorus 2 starts
e --------------|b -7-9----------|g -6-8----------|d -4-6----------|a --------------|e --------------|
chorus guitar1 (electric)
e ------------|b ------------|guitar 2 (acoustic) plays the same chords but plays full chordsg -6---4------|d -6-6-4-4----|a -4-6-2-4----|e ---4---2----|
guitar 3 (electric) plays the intro for chorus 1 but plays this for the other chorus'
e ------------------------------------|b ---9-7-6-4---9------7-6-4---7-------|g -6---6-6---6------4-------6---6-----|d ------------------------------------|a ------------------------------------|e ------------------------------------|
verse 2 - play with guitar 3 interlude guitar 2 plays the verse but switch the 2 chords around guitar 3 plays the verse 2 and also switch's the 2 chords around so guitars 2 and 3 play same chords at the same time just in different places guitar 1 plays this over the above
e ---------|b ---------|g -8-6-----|d -8-6-----|a -6-4-----|e ---------|
all 3 guitars play this above till chorus 3 starts, then it's just guitar 2 (acoustic) the chords of the chorus as guitar 1 would play and then the chorus once more THE END so that is how u play nerina pallot's half way home if u want me 2 tab anymore of of nerina pallot's songs just send me an email via bye bye
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