Nerina Pallot - All Good People tab version 1

introGUITAR 2e --------------------------------|b -14H15P14-12-10----10-----------|g ----------12----12-----X2-------|d --------------------------------|a --------------------------------|e --------------------------------|
GUITAR 1e ------------|b -8-10-------|this is still played through the verse but slightly mutedg -7-8---x4---|d -5-7--------|a ------------|e ------------|
verseguitar 2e --------------|b --------------|g --------------|d -5-7---x4-----|a -5-7----------|e -3-5----------|
e --------------------------------|b -2-3-5-7-5-8-10-12-14-15--x2----|g --------------------------------|d --------------------------------|a --------------------------------|e --------------------------------|
e ----------------------------------------|b ----------------------------------------|g ----------------------------------------|d -------5---------7---5------------------|a -5-7-5-8---x2----5-7-3-5----------------|the 2nd time finish on ce -3-5-8-------------5---3----------------|
verse bridge chorus solo
e -12-10-9-10-12-------------------------------|b ---------------10-10-8-10-12-----------------|g -----------------------------9-7-6-7-9-------|d ---------------------------------------7-----|a ---------------------------------------------|
bridge chorus 1st half of chorus played twice then the other half played just once ending play the first half of the chorus THE END so thats how u play nerina pallot's all good people if u want me 2 tab any other songs just ask me via bye bye bye bye bye bye bye e ---------------------------------------------
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