Network - Right-hand-a-rama tab

Song: Right-Hand-A-Rama
Artist: The Network
Album: Money Money 2020
Tabbed By: Green Envy GDTN

First of all there’s the drum intro then you go into this: (It’s the verse and you 
this pattern eight times.)

E|-----------------------------|B|-----------------------------| (note: do not let them ring out!)G|-----8-9—--11-11-------------|D|-9-9-8-9—--11-11-8-9---------|A|-9-9-6-7---9—-9—-8-9---------|E|-7-7-------------6-7 (The 11-| is an eleven, it isn’t two one’s)
After playing that eight times, you go into the chorus which is:Chords: A5, F#5E|-----------------------------------------------| (let all the chords ring outB|-----------------------------------------------| except the last time you playG|----------------------------------------- F#5-|D|-7777-4444-7777-4444-7777-4444-7777-444--------|4xA|-7777-4444-7777-4444-7777-4444-7777-444--------|4xE|-5555-2222-5555-2222-5555-2222-5555-2222-------|x (The x's tell you not
to let it ring out.) A5 F#5 I don’t know why, I don’t know why A5 F#5 It sure feels good most every time A5 F#5 I don’t know why, I don’t know why A5 F#5 It sure feels good most every time After the chorus it resumes to the verse riff but before that you play this once:
E|-------- -----------|B|-------- -----------|G|-----8-8 “Alright”-11-11-----|D|-9-9-8-8 -11-11-8-9-|A|-9-9-6-6 -9—-9—-8-9-|E|-7-7---- -------6-7-|
2nd Verse time, yay!:
E|----------------------|B|----------------------|G|-----8-9—--11-11------|D|-9-9-8-9—--11-11-8-9--|A|-9-9-6-7---9—-9—-8-9--|E|-7-7-------------6-7--| (play this by itself once and on the second time the 2nd verse starts)Play this 8 times throughout the verse (not including the first time you played it with out singing)
After the second verse it goes back to the chorus (play the chorus once). After the chorus Fink sings this: “I’ll tell you why…. Whooo” During that there’s no guitar playing I think. Finally to end the song play:
E|-------- -----------|B|-------- -----------|G|-----8-8 “Alright”-11-11-----|D|-9-9-8-8 -11-11-8-9-|A|-9-9-6-6 -9—-9—-8-9-|E|-7-7---- -------6-7-|
Play those two once and you’re done! Have fun!
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