Neva Dinova – Lucifers Lament chords

Tabber: Glossop


Hey, basically i went to play this song and the tab that was there for it wasn't 
very accurate. I have ammended the majority of the chords and now you can play it 
against the song without the chords sounding different.
I hope you enjoy it :).Any corrections, leave a comment.

E B C#m A B A EFace first in gloves, i got some cancer for your love.
E B C#m A B But you can only die twice, it's that second time that
A Emakes the first time seem so nice.
E B C#m AAs fars i can tell, my angel, she fell,
B A Eher wings are sticking through her dress.
E B C#m AAnd i don't want to look, but i must, she mistook me for
B A Eone who could be saved, i guess.
E B C#m AAnd i know what they say we look the same in the dark,
B C#m Ayeah i know what they say i walked in asbury park
B A Esaw my troubles in the hearts of men.
E B C#m A B A EHate's a girl with pretty eyes, but i'm just not the type.
E B C#m A B A ETruthfully i believe that anyone who dies kills themself.
E B C#m A E B C#mAnd i fell from great heights, and saw a lot, however
A Efast it past.
E B C#m AAnd i don't really like the way that i've become,
B C#m Abut i can't stope it now, when the madness comes,
Ei'll get out.
Thanks, i really like playing it like that and i'm sure you will to! Make sure you listen to the song to get a good idea for the strumming pattern, after that it's a piece of cake :).
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