Neva Dinova – Jesus Choir chords

This is a very simple and melodic song, its also pretty easy. The original recording is
in standard tuning and its played using the G chord as a drone; Jake himself confirmed
this a couple of weeks ago. Just listen to the song to get the tempo, its mellow though 
it sometimes speeds up. I also have the solo tabbed out but its easy to pick it out by
listening, just make sure you got some decent distortion going on.... Rock on you 
rockers you...


E CmI need you, I need you
A BNow I'm in a fix, now I'm in a fix and
E CmI need you, I need you
A BNow I'm in a fix, now I'm in a fix and
AI'm gonna run
Cm F#m ATo the hills and on
Cm F#m A'Till my heels are gone
Cm F#m ABut I'm already gone
E CmUncanny timing, you got a gift for words
A BBut you know she's lying, but you can't lie for her
E CmUncanny timing, light your girl on fire
A BCause you know she's lying, and you can't stand a liar
A Cm F#mBut you got a friend in jesus' choir
A Cm F#m AAnd in jesus' choir I am
Cm AIn jesus' choir, oh
(SOLO) F# - C X4 and then D
EYou got your diamonds and you've got your silver shawls
CmYou got your sisters in college studying occidental law
AAnd the abbots in the alleys and the kids in abel hall
AYou got your misrepresentation spreading lies across the nation again
Cm F#mIn jesus' choir
A Cm F#mAnd in jesus' choir I am
A Cm F#m AIn jesus' choir, oh
Outro - E....
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