Never Shout Never - Sellout chords

most accurate transcription. message me if i'm wrong.

chords used:
Am/C:x32210 OR (sounds better) F variation:x33210

Am/CWho the hell have I been kidding
AmI sold my soul to the corporation
CThey know me better than I know myself
G7I better shut it up
I better shut it up
Am/CYou gotta problem with the way I think
AmI gotta problem with the way you think
CThat you can program me
Like a damned machine
G7I wanna take a stand
And say fuck this scene
Am/CI'm sick of imagery
Instead of artistry
AmI'm sick of apathy
Instead of harmony
CI'm sick of poets workin' part time jobs
G7While pissy people pick and choose the stars
Am/CI know that I should be
The last one to speak
AmAbout this but even sellouts have their dreams
G7Set the music free
C G7 C Em Am F G7 C Em (x2) Am G7
Am/COh what the hell was I tryin' to prove
AmI ran away so young
Now on the move
G7Like a vandal I wear my mask
And all you punks back home Yah you can kiss my ass
Am/CCause' I gotta feelin' deep down inside my soul
AmThat's taken three whole years to gain control
G7And I ain't never
no never no never NO NEVER no never no never Coming home C G7 C Em Am F G7 C Em (x2) Am G7 C
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