Neverending White Lights - I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty tab

			     I Hope Your Heart Runs Empty - Neverending White Lights
Tabbed by:Jacob Belisario

Tuning: Standard

This is a great song. The song is sung by Scott Anderson from Finger Eleven. 
I tabbed out the first riff and then put the chords.

Introe|---------------|B|---------------|G|---7-----------| 8xD|----7p5-(4)-(2)|A|---------------|E|---------------|
e|--------------------------|B|---15---------------------|G|-----14p12-11-(9)---------| 8xD|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Verse The Verse can be played Em D C Throughout the whole song play those chords. The chorus contains the intro riff. Lyrics: Em D C If all the luck in this life has all run Em D C If all my faith is undone, I had none Em D C To track them down and take them back where they belong Em D C Could that explain why I'm here, Is that the reason why I came Em D ... C And why I feel this way, I feel, I feel, I feel, I came apart here
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