Nevershoutnever - Making Love chords

These chords are right, I played along with this music and it sounds nice. I hope they help! :)

C G AmI know your love is true
C G Amit's not just sex for you
C G AmIt's the first time that I felt this way in a long time
C G Am and it's something I could get used to
F C GIt's love, it's love, it's true
C F C Gwhen I'm making love to you
C F C It's not just teenage lust
G For trying something new it's love,
Cm C G Am G but we're too young to follow through
C G AmHer heart is made of gold
G Cthese past two years
G AmI've grown so cold
G C G AmAt the thought of trying out a different lover
G C G AmNow I know, I could never love another
F Am With all the plans we made
Ctravel all the world
Gand drink our cares away
F Amwhat a happy day, if only i could say
C Gthat she would be my lover, from now until forever
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