Nevershoutnever – Silent Night chords

Capo on 3rd fret.

C F G C(slide)e|---0-----1---3----0--|B|---1-----1---3----3--|G|---0-----2---0----0--|D|-- 0h2---3---0----4--|A|---3-----3---2----5--|E|---0-----1---3----0--|
Intro: C C
C CSilent night, holy night
G CAll is calm, all is bright
F CRound yon Virgin Mother and Child
F CHoly Infant so tender and mild
G C C(slide)Sleep in heavenly peace
C G CSleep in heavenly peace
C CSilent night, holy night!
G CShepherds quake at the sight
F CGlories stream from heaven afar
F CHeavenly hosts sing Alleluia!
G C C(slide)Christ, the Saviour is born
C G CChrist, the Saviour is born
C CSilent night, holy night
G CSon of God, love's pure light
F CRadiant beams from Thy holy face
F CWith the dawn of redeeming grace
G C C(slide)Jesus, Lord, at Thy birth
C G CJesus, Lord, at Thy birth "
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