Nevershoutnever - Sell Out chords version 3

So no one else posted to right chords!what's up with that?haha. I figured these 
out by ear. they're pretty accurate..but let me know if you find any mistakes. I'm only human :P

FWho the hell have I been kidding?
AmI sold my soul to the corporation.
CThey know me better than I know myself,
GI better shut it up.
I better shut it up.
F'Ya got a problem with the way I think.
AmI got a problem with the way you think,
CThat you can program me, like a damn machine.
GI'm gonna take a stand and say fuck this scene.
FI'm sick of imagery, instead of artistry.
AmI'm sick of apathy, instead of harmony.
CI'm sick of poets workin part time jobs.
GWhile pissy people pick and choose the stars.
FI know that I should be,
The last one to speak.
AmAbout this
GBut even sellouts have their dreams.
(no chord) Set The Music Free. C G C Em
Am Dm G C G (x2) Am GBa da da da da da da da da Daaa da ... ohhhhhhh
F AmWhat the hell was I trying to prove?
I ran away so young
GNow on the move.
Like a vandal, I wear my mask And all you punks back home, you can kiss my ass.
FCause I gotta feeling deep inside my soul,
Am GThat's taken three whole years to gain control.
And I ain't never, no never no never NO NEVER no never no never Coming Home. C G C Em Am Dm G C G (x2) Am G C (end on C)
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