Nevershoutnever – Talk Is Cheap chords

Ceveryone around me is always just a talkin
Fbut the talkers keep a talking,or develop into walkers
C Fcause i will never know,cause i will never go there
C Fbecause talk is cheap,but liquor is cheaper
and you're lookin for a good time
Cjust hit me on my beeper
cause i got news for you
F Ci'm just as sad as you,it's true
Am Ccause my whole life,is not what it seems
? (third finger third fret low E) it's not a fairytale
Cor a damn wet dream
Amit's just a life
Ca good time, it's a good time
C Fcause everything around me, is always just a changin
for better or for worse,life is rearranging
C Cishand i got years to go to find a home
Amto figure out my flow,well just so you know
i'm never coming home (repeat chorus thing) my whole life is not what it seems it's not a fairytale or a damn wet dream it's just a life a good time it's some good times yeah
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