Nevershoutnever - Piggy Bank chords

Note: There were no tabs up for this and it's real simple.
Capo 5th fret.

G CA poor man would kill for the bank,
G CBut a rich man would die for it,
G CIf that's the case when I'm running this race,
G C(ring out)It's the last place I waste time.
G CCause see time is money and money breaks hearts,
G CBut you can buy yourself a new girlfriend,
G CShe'll be a cold eyed woman with a greedy eye,
G C(ring out)Waitn' for your old ass to die.
D C GAnd I'm so happy here with you,
D C GCause you're my type of girl,
D C GYou never cared about my empty piggy bank,
D C GOr the things that we could never do,
(Uh-huh) (Harmonica) Key: G 6-in-out 5-in-out-in-out-in-out
G CSo give to the poor and pray for the rich,
G CCause you never know when your hearts gonna quit,
G CSo if you're working for a paycheck, then you better cash in,
G CCause life's too short to never have lived,
Chorus (same as before) (Harmonica)
G CSee, I've been working my whole life,
G CTrying to prove the pissy people wrong,
G CThat you can earn an honest living with an old guitar,
G C(ring out)And a couple old fashioned songs.
(Solo) Chorus (same as before) (Harmonica) Tabbed by: Ghanda Hendryx Enjoy!:)
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