Nevershoutnever - Time Travel chords version 2

there was another tab, but i think it wasn't that correct...i tried to re-make it. 
(i don't think mine is correct, but i think it sounds better).

i use a capo on the 1st fret.

C C The sun was no fun, so I ran back to earth
AmTripped and fell in the glorified dirt
F CHonestly gravity sees me as a liability
C AmSo I held my breath till my soul left my boby for dead
F CI ripped through the clouds to talk with the man in the sky
AmI said “take this for what it is
F C I think you're a tad bit prejudice against the ones like us that
Gare searching for the answers“
Am F He said “kid you dont know sh*t, you should go back home and live in
C Gthat quite little town you left behind
C Am F AmIm coming home, Dont you cry, Dont you cry
C Am F AmIm coming home, Just in time, Just in time
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