Nevershoutnever – Time Travel chords ver. 4

cnothing is real
I know this cause i made a deal
amwith the devil he told me that i was just wasteing my time on the moon
cso i flew to the sun
lost track of my soul on the run
amsufering twelth degree burns i learned that the sun was no fun
cso i held my breath
amtill my soul left my body for dead
c ami ripped though the clouds to talk with the man in the sky
fi said, take this for what it is
i think your a tad bit prejudice
gagainst the ones like us who are searching for the answers
fhe said, kid you dont know shit
you should go back home and live
gin that qiet little town you left behind
cim coming home
amdont you cry (dont you cry)
cim coming home
amjust in time (just in time)
ci am a fake
a constant go getter of fate
ami lost track of time
i carried my mind on a plate
ci seasoned it well
with acid and MDMA
amthen i howled at the moon till the sun burned out both of my eyes
cso i checked my pulse
standing there white as a ghost
ami lacked the complection and stabbed my reflection twelve times
(chorus) bridge: F,G
Fi dont know what i been told -|
g |i will sell my soul to rock and roll |
|--------- x4i dont know where to go |
| i have lost controll | | oh no _| f,g, am
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