Nevershoutnever – Finally chords

CI could go anywhere
Ambut all i want to do
Cis lay back here with you
Amand grow a love so true
C G Cill make you breakfast, and lunch, and dinner
Amwe'll waste our whole damn lives just being sinners
C EmWell i got time, if you got time, and i have dreams if you have dreams
C Amso let's just lollygag around and hope and dream for bigger things
C Em so baby don't you cry your tears no more
C GI am here, and I am yours.
C AmWell i'm in love ohhohhhohh
C AmI'm in love ohhohhohh
C AmI finally found someone new
C Amand that someone's you ohhohhohh
C Amthat someone's you ohhohhohh
Cthat someone's you.
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