Neverstore - And There She Goes tab

And There She Goes (intro)
Heroes Wanted

(2nd June 2008)This is just the intro but i will soon update it to the whole song. I 
don't have the time right now.

h = Hammer on
/n = slide from down to fret(n)
x = stop note from vibrating


Let Ring throughout

S S E S S E S S S S E E S S E S S E S S S S E E S S E S S E S S E S S Ee|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|B|----------------------------o|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|G|--------------------------0--|--------------------------0--|-----------------------------|D|-----2------2--0h2---2h3-----|-----2------2--0h2---2h3-----|-----3------3------2------2--|A|-3-3----3-3--------3--------o|-0-0----0-0--------3---------|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|-----------------------------|-1-1----1-1----1-1----1-1----| x
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