Nevertheless – Longshot chords

Capo 1 (or 5, depending on your ability to sing)

Verse 1

AmWhat if the fire burns out
DmWhat if we're left without
C EAnyone to call our own
AmYou'ver got it figured out
DmBut if ever you're in doubt
C EYou never have to be alone
F GPeople, they come
C EAnd people, they go
F GI could be wrong, but
Am CThere's one thing I know
F GIt's a longshot, baby
C E FSomeday both of us will die
G So I was thinking maybe
Am C FI could be your semi-perfect guy
G CYou don't know me, baby
E FBut I was hoping we could try
G AmFor a longshot, you and I
Verse 2
AmWhat if we take a chance
DmWhat if you break your plans
C EAnd let me sweep you off your feet
AmYou said you hate romance
DmBut I'm a persistent man
C EAnd I want you here with me
Pre-chorus Chorus Bridge Am C F
F Am G FI've been praying all my life for love that's true
F Am GBut I never thought I'd get a girl like you
Am G Dm C EOh, can't you see Heaven sent you to me
Chorus (soft for half) Chorus End on Am
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