New Age Dropouts - Hey Girlfriend tab

Guitar 1:e|---------------b|---------------g|-----7---5----- x 2d|--5-7-7-5-5-9-7a|-5-5---3----7-5d|5--------------
Guitar2:e|------------------------------------------b|------------------------------------------g|(14)^^(12)(14)--(12)--(12)---------------- on second time ofd|-------------------(12)--(14)(12)(14)(12)- Guitar 1's introa|------------------------------------------d|------------------------------------------
Then Guitar 1 repeats this progression for the rest of the song:e|----------------b|----------------g|--:-7-:-5-:-9/7-d|5-:-7-:-5-:-9/7-a|5-:-5-:-3-:-7/5-d|5---------------
Guitar 2 also plays this during the chorus. Listen for when to use distortion.
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