New Amsterdams – When We Two Parted tab

Hey ladies and gents, this is my first tab. I'm pretty sure that this is all correct,
I'm trusting all of you to listen to the song and play it through a few times and 'feel it
With that being said, here is the tab:

Intro: e-10-10^11(ish)—10^11(ish)-10^11(ish)----8-9(ish)—7—-| B----------------------------------------------------| G----------------------------------------------------| D----------------------------------------------------| A----------------------------------------------------| E----------------------------------------------------|
It's sort of a drawl; a lazy kind of riff for lack of a better explanation. When you bend, hold the note and bring it back down. I say, "(ish) because it doesn't sound like it's quite at the next fret yet. Just play with it and you'll get it down. Also, if you listen to the song, you'll hear the guitarist to pick the string as he brings it back down, almost like a reverse bend. Sorry, not really sure what kind of effects... Delay perhaps? Chords for most of the song:
Amin E B e------------------------------------------------| B------------------------------------------------| G-----------------------------------4------------| D------ 6--------------2------------4------------| A------ 6--------------2------------2------------| E-------4--------------0-------------------------|
Chords used later: A very small part of the song, at: "....Abandoning yourself..." About 1min 52 seconds the song, ends at about 2min 19 seconds and goes back to the chords above for the softer then right back to these chords for the rest of the song. Amin A B
e--------------------------------------------------| B--------------------------------------------------| G------------------------------------4-------------| D------- 6------------7--------------4-------------| A------- 6------------7--------------2-------------| E--------4------------5----------------------------|
I hope this all made sense. Sorry, I was to tired to type out all the lyrics and try to show you all the timing. This is a very easy, slow song, so I'm sure if you are having trouble, just listen closely and you'll get it. Seems like a cool "first song" to learn eh? Enjoy. -Plea for Peace!- Kris *email me if you have any suggestions, corrections, fan mail perhaps?:
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