New Amsterdams - Strangled By The Thought tab

Off the new, free ep found online @

*the C and Am occasionally jump to a Cadd9 and an Asus4, listen for it

Chords Used:

F C Cadd9 Am Asus4 Ge:-0--0--0----0----0---3------|B:-0--1--3----1----3---3------|G:-2--0--0----2----2---4------|D:-3--2--2----2----2---5------|A:-3--3--3----0----0---5------|E:-1--0--0----0----0---3------|
Verse: F, C, Am, C Pre Chorus: C, Cadd9, C Chorus: C, Am, G, F May not be perfect, but its my first tab and it sounds pretty close
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