New Amsterdams - Death Of Us tab

Bm  Em  D  D/F#  G
After you hit the G there's a fun little walk up that is played on the A string (Open, 1st, 2nd)

Bm--Em---D--D/F#------| Gx----x----2----x----3-|3----3----3----3----3-|2----2----2----2----0-|0----2----0----0----0-|2----0----0----x----2-|x----x----x----2----3-|
You hit the G a little earlier the 3rd time and every other after that. Just listen for it. Chorus is basically Em C The outro is just a bunch of chords that I honestly don't have then energy to sit and figure out. they're all pretty basic though.
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