New Amsterdams - Hughes tab

Capo 2

Chords used:

D Asus2 B/D G F#* Em*e-2-----0-----0-----3-----3-----3----|b-3-----3-----3-----3-----3-----3----|g-2-----2-----2-----0-----2-----0----|d-0-----2-----0-----0-----0-----2----|a-x-----0-----2-----2-----0-----2----|E-x-----x-----x-----3-----2-----0----|
Intro: D D Love is a long shot. Asus2 B/D Asus2 G Love is a bird in hand and when this stops we'll be laughing. G F#* Em Well sing our songs though they're barely heard. (same as above) You'd be the prom queen, I'll be the malcontent in this scene. Just be pretend nobody care about social standing. D - Asus2 - B/D - Asus2 Hughes G - F# - E Hughes G - F# - E Hughes, You promised me maybe. G Em Nobody talks to me G Em I'm all alone. People in this place, people are full of shit. And in it's place I'm over it. I've got the right mind to call it in. I'm season the sun stays even the words turn good. In a heat wave it's understood, Nobody gives a damn for their neighbor. Hughes Hughes promised me maybe. Nobody talks to me and I'm alone. You got a bed here, you got a place to stay. And it's clear you're on your way. I won't tell your friends a thing. End on Em This album is great, and I hope there are more tabs from it posted soon. This song's simple, but I enjoy playing it. Listen to the song to feel the changes a bit more. Thanks, Mike
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