New Found Glory – On My Mind tab

           ^  ^
Lead lick  E  E

E                          C#m
   Let's make a day out of the cinema
            B                       A
   Then stay out 'til early in the morning
E                           C#m    
   I always like it 'cuz we take it slow
          B                         A
   While everyone around us is so hurried

E                              C#m
   It feels familiar 'cuz I've been here before 
              B                                 A
   When your words swept the ground right from under me
E                        C#m
   Remember when you were so insecure
            B                       A
   Now you can't get your hands up off of me

         F#m    G#m       A 
But the time we spent was so short
         F#m       G#m      A A A A(choke)
Can't believe it's time to go again

            E          C#m 
Your always on my mind all the time
E               C#m
On my mind completely

E                          C#m
   Can we pick it up where you left off
             B                    A
   When you said you'll never get over me
E                           C#m
   I take for granted every roll of your tongue
               B                     A
   'Cuz your screaming out all your honesty

Bridge - no chords, just the bass moves

Y'know it's time.  You see the bags at the door
I'm minutes away from departing

In exchange for a few last words

Will never be enough for me.

End with the chorus and ad lib vocals.  Follow the chord progression.

My first tab...just found New Found Glory!  Don't have the lyrics, so forgive any lyrical errors.
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