New Found Glory - Eyesore tab version 2

Eyesore by New Found Glory
From "New Found Glory"

Key: A

INTRO / VERSE (x1 for Intro, x2 for Verse):

e----------------------------------------|B----------------------------------------|G--------------------6-------4-----------|D---7--------4-------6-------4-----------|A---7--------4-------4-------2-----------|E---5--------2---------------------------| A5 F#5 C#5 B5
There's also some lead work going on. I like to add the D and C# octaves in between the last two chords. The verse is technically the same. On the record version, I think there's only bass and sound effects and no actual guitar. PRE-CHORUS (x2): (Say your name...)
e---------------------------------------|B---------------------------------------|G------------7--------------------------|D---4--------7-------7-------2----------|A---4--------5-------7-------2----------|E---2----------------5-------0----------| F#5 D5 A5 E5
Hammer these chords. CHORUS (Girl, play on) First part (x3):
e------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------|G--------------7-7--------------------7----------|D---7-7-x-x--x-7-7---x-x--x--4-4------7--(x8)----|A---7-7-x-x--x-5-5---x-x--x--4-4-(x8)-5----------|E---5-5-x-x--x-------x-x--x--2-2-----------------| A5 D5 F#5 D5
Hit the two A's , then do the chuck mutes. There's a total of 3, with a small pause in between the second and third. When you're moving to the F#5, make sure the first one rings out a bit longer before you do 8 more and then 8 of the D. The chorus finishes up a little bit differently the fourth time around. They hit the first F# full on, then palm-mute the rest and do a chuck / D / chuck / D / A. I think it sounds best if you hit the chucks on the downstroke and the D's on the up. End of chorus / Chorus Alternate (x1):
e------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------|G--------------7-7----------------------x-7-x-7--------|D---7-7-x-x--x-7-7---x-x--x--4---4------x-7-x-7---7----|A---7-7-x-x--x-5-5---x-x--x--4---4-(x8)-x-5-x-5---7----|E---5-5-x-x--x-------x-x--x--2---2----------------5----| A5 D5 F#5 P.M. D5 A5
Note: The A that the chorus ends on is also the first chord of the verse. BRIDGE (x2 - first one is without vocals):
e------------------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------------------|G------------7----------------7------------------------|D---7--------7-------4--------7------------------------|A---7--------5-------4--------5------------------------|E---5----------------2---------------------------------| A5 D5 F#5 D5
I think the chords are actually done by piano but they are identical to the chorus, minus the chucks and palm mutes. Repeat the pre-chorus. Do the chorus six times (the first two with just the guitar are great for getting the rhythm down). There's also a pickscrape before the third chorus. Intro / Verse (x3) Pre-Chorus (x2) Chorus (x4 - regular, regular, regular, alternate) Intro / Verse (x2) Pre-Chorus (x2) Chorus (x4 - regular, regular, regular, alternate) Bridge (x2) Chorus (x6 - regular, alternate, regular, regular, regular, alternate)
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