New Found Glory – Golden chords

Title: Golden
Artist: New found glory
Album : Coming Home (2006)

A     -|00222x|
Bm    -|2244xx|
C#m   -|4466xx|
E     -|022100|
F#m   -|24422x|
D     -|20023x|
D(Alt)-|5577xx| In some situations using a Power Chord D sounds better, use at your own discretion.
Intro: A-D—A-E Verse I:
A DThis could be the song everyone relates to
C#m BmAnother melody something we go through
A DThis could be the words to use in good fortune
C#m ETo keep in the bag of my foiled backup plan
A DIt’s the beat that keeps you marching on
C#m BmSo take your chance I got armor on
A DReasons will reveal themselves in due time
C#m E So for luck will you cross your fingers?
A D A EYou and I girl, we’ve got something golden
A D A E Did you know? they say it never lasts,
A D A Ebut oh-oh-oh, we’ve got something golden
F#m D C#m Bm AWe can’t, can’t break, everyone, everyone’s wrong ~
D C#m Bm A Everyone, everyone’s wrong
A-D-A-E Verse II:
A DThis could be the verse always reminding you
C#m BmOf your battle scars all your could have been’s
A DOnly I know what I’ve been through
C#m E But for luck I’d still cross my fingers
A E F#mI could have used this long ago
E F#mYou took my good advice
A E F#mI could have used this long ago
E F#m DShould have crossed my fingers
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