New Found Glory – Standstill tab

STANDSTIL - A New Found Glory

By:Russ ( /
>From the  OLD-CD "its all about the girls EP"

NOTE: This may not sound like a very slow song but the tempo is actually 
      very slow.

Also I tried to write each section the easiest way to read, where its just
chords i just wrote chords over the lyrics, and where its chords with changed
timing i wrote the chords in their measure ie... |C C C CA| and were its single
notes i wrote regular tab

INTRO:Its something along the lines of this.....e|------3-3-0-0-3-3-0-0-3-3-0-0----------------------------------------------|B|------3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3----------------------------------------------|G|----0-----------0---------0------------------------------------------------|D|--2-----------2---------2--------------------------------------------------|A|3-----------3---------3----------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
VERSE 1: 4X |1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+| |C C C C |C C C C |C C C C |C C C CA| VERSE 2: C E Time seems to standstill C Eii Since the day you left me C E A revolving door C Eii F Slamming this time so slowly PRE-CHORUS: |F C A C | x16 i think CHORUS: F C A G A G You're RUNNING OUT F C A G A G You're RUNNING OUT F C A G A G You're RUNNING OUT F C A G A G You're RUNNING fast now F C G Were just kids F C G back then, two years of F C G my life F C G traded for an ending F C G like this like a F C G love movie with F C G out a goodnight kiss F C G....... ........ BRIDGE: |1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+| |C C C C |C C C CB|A A A A |A A A AC|F F F F |F F F FA|G G G G |G G G G | 4 times - 1 time just guitar - 2 times with everything - 1 time with no bass and different strumming then CHORUS one full time, end on C NOTE: there are a couple of other barely audible little riffs on a second guitar that i didnt include, but if u really want them email me.
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