New Found Glory – Never Sometimes tab

A New Found Glory- Never Sometimes
By: Adam (

Verse:G|------------------------|D|-7>-5>-4>---------------| A|----------X3------------|E|--------------3>-5>-----|
Prechorus and Chorus:G|-------------|D|-------------| A|-------------|E|-2>-3>-5>----|
Bridge: G|--------------------|D|--------------------|A|-5>-------------7>--|E|----2>-3>-2>-5>-----|
Bridge Part 2: G|------------------------|D|------------------------|A|-55-55-55-55-55---------|E|----------------3>-2>-5>|
I'm not good enough to tab out the bass solo at the end. I'm also too lazy to tab out the rythm, but if your any good you can do that yourself.
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