New Found Glory – Your Biggest Mistake tab

New Found Glory
Your Biggest Mistake
2004 Geffen records
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I'm so sick of the wrong tabs for it, how many times I would have to tell them that this 
is not in a Drop D tuning, It's in the standard. This is the right one.

Tuning: Standard EADGBe

Chords used:
E    - 022100
G#m  - 466444
C#m  - x46654
A    - x02220
D    - xx0232
C    - x32010
B    - x24442

Intro: D


Guitar 1: E-G#m-C#m-A (x4)

Guitar 2:e|------------------------------|B|------------------------------|G|-1h2-1h2-------1h2-1h2---1----|D|---------4-2-----------4---2--| (x2)A|-------------2----------------|E|------------------------------|
Guitar 3:e|-4h5-4h5-2-0---4h5-4h5-2-4-0--|B|-------------0----------------|G|------------------------------|D|------------------------------| (x2)A|------------------------------|E|------------------------------|
then Guitar 1: E--A (x2)
Guitar 2:E|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-----1---1-------1---1---|D|---2---2---2---2---2---2-| (x2)A|-2-----------0-----------|E|-------------------------|
Verse 1: E C#m D A What do you think inside your head (I wanna know) E C#m D A So you think that this could end up (breaking you) E C#m And your life is a timebomb set to explode D A You talk out your ass and everyone knows E C#m For once you should listen or care what I think D A Or I'll be gone before you can blink Chorus: E G#m C#m A E G#m A E Everyones told you over and over a-gain G#m C#m A F#m G#m A E You're making the biggest mis-take of your life (Repeat) Verse 2: E C#m D A Everyone knows that your afraid of (missing out) E C#m D A And I know that its hard for you to (swallow down) E C#m A world you created set to explode D A You lie through your teeth and everyone knows E C#m For once you should take what im willing to give D A Or you'll stay stuck in the web that you're trapped in (Repeat Chorus except last line) G#m C#m A F#m G#m A E C You're making the biggest mis-take of your life Interlude: Guitar 1: E--D--A--D (x2)
Guitar 2: Soloe|-2h4-2-0-0-----0---2-0-----0-2h4-2-0-0-----0-7p4p0-7p4p0-|B|-----------0-3---0-----3-4-------------0-2---------------|G|---------------------------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------|
Bridge: E D A D It's a chance (what a chance) E D A D you should take (you take) E D A D E And I know its not an easy one to make B E--A--E--A You should trust the ones that are closest to you
Guitar 2:E|-------------------------|B|-------------------------|G|-----1---1-------1---1---|D|---2---2---2---2---2---2-| (x2)A|-2-----------0-----------|E|-------------------------|
(Repeat Chorus) (Repeat later parts of Intro)
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