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Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 21:26:26 -0500
From: "Oliver K. Reichl" 
Subject: TAB: hold_to_a_dream by New Grass Revival

TITLE: Hold To A Dream
PERFORMER: New Grass Revival

Key of D

Riff 1: De|---------------------------------------------------|b|--7-7-8-7-7-------7-10-8-7-------------------------|G|--7---------9-7-9----------9-7-6\2-2-2-2-4-2-0-4-2-|D|--0------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------|
Riff 2: Ae|--------------------------------------------------|b|--5-5-7-5-5-------5-7-8-7-5-----------------------|G|--6---------7-6-7-----------6p7h6\2-2-2-4-2-0-4-2-|D|--7-----------------------------------------------|A|--0-----------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
D A G A I?m happy to roam I can find my way to the mountains and the ocean foam. (Riff 1) A D G A But if I had a map to show me the way to your heart dear I?d follow it home. (Riff 2) D A G A Making my way through the dim lit streets of the old town - nowhere to go. (Riff 1) A D G A Wanderin? with the sea wind in my hair I never slow down - I miss you so. (Riff 2) CHORUS: Bm A G Em D HOLD TO A DREAM - CARRY IT UP AND DOWN Bm A G Em D FOLLOW A STAR - SEARCH THE WORLD AROUND Bm A G Em D HOLD TO A DREAM - CARRY IT CLOSE TO ME D I?M FROZEN IN TIME A G F#m Em D Riff 1 Riff 2 YOUR LOVE WILL SET ME FREE. D A G A The rain outside is beating down, I?m here at home - all alone. (Riff 1) A D G A We used to stay so warm inside, now a night like this - It chills my bones. (Riff 2) -CHORUS- Solo 1(banjo) - Riff 1 - Solo 2 (banjo) - Riff 2 - Solo 3 (violin) D A G A I miss you darlin? more and more, I?m thinkin? - Thinkin? of you. (Riff 1) A D G A Late at night lying in my sleep, I?m dreamin? - Dreamin? of you. (Riff 2) -CHORUS- (2x) Transcribed by Oliver K. Reichl and Greg Saunders. Mallorytown, Ontario - March,1998 (remove "tape" for actual e-address)
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